Printing End-use parts with the Fuse 1

Learn how to use the Formlabs Fuse 1 SLS printer and Fuse Sift, which material to choose, what to pay attention to when designing for SLS and how to calculate ROI, in this on-demand webinar from MakerPoint.
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3D printing for Education with Ultimaker

Learn about how to apply 3D printing in educational settings and how to use the different Ultimaker software tools in your advantage, in this on-demand webinar from MakerPoint.
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High-performance 3D-printing with miniFactory Ultra

Super strong 3D printed synthetic parts? It's possible with the miniFactory Ultra. It allows you to print high-quality polymers and materials from the 'Ultrapolymers' group.
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SLA 3D-printing with Formlabs

How do you choose the right resin for your prototyping or engineering application? And is it suitable for end-use, or just for prototyping? Within the Formlabs portfolio you can choose from all kinds of materials for a wide range of applications.
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All webinars are in Dutch. Contact us and we gladly inform you in English.