Do you remember when desktop computers were a rarity in schools in the 1990s?

10 years later, it was hard to find a classroom that didn't have a PC. This improved the learning experience for students and teachers around the world.

We are facing a new revolution today, this time with 3D printing. In schools and universities around the world, educators are turning to this technology not only to support their design and technology curricula, but also for a host of other subjects
Why 3D printing in education? A few reasons:
  • Because in this world of TikTok and digital distractions, there are few better ways to get students' attention and spark their creativity.
  • Today's 3D printers are no longer expensive, complex machines with which everything goes wrong. They are user-friendly, reliable workhorses that can toil all year long and require virtually no maintenance.
But that's just the tip of the iceberg.


Primary Education, Secondary School, College & University
Ultimaker products are not only ideal tools for applications within companies, but also for use in the classroom. Whether it's affordability, reliability or user-friendliness; the Ultimaker ecosystem is well suited for use in education.


College & University
The miniFactory Ultra 3D printer gives students the opportunity to conduct research with engineering and high performance polymers.

There is a huge demand and interest for high-performance polymers from companies. This type of collaboration is valuable for companies and educational institutions. Educational institutions can teach about the latest technologies and bring new ideas. Students also learn how companies really work during different projects and gain valuable experience with the latest technologies.

Service & TrainingS

Primary Education, Secondary School, College & University
MakerPoint is also the place to go for services such as maintenance, repairs and training. We look at the needs of your organization in a personal conversation, and can offer a customized package to ensure that you can optimally use your 3D printer(s) or scanner(s).

We can offer a quick start-up course -online or on location-, but also a teacher training of one day in which the team not only learns how to use the printer, but also how to use the printer in the curriculum.

Customized training is also possible, together we can see how we can best support your organization.


Secondary school, College & University
In addition to 3D printing, 3D scanning can also be an asset in education. Both in artistic and technical projects and subjects, 3D scanning can offer a lot. There are many different scanners available, together we can look for the one that best suits your purpose and budget.

3D Scanning

In the field of education, 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies meet the standard of easy-to-use, affordable and safe, help makers and students to develop their creative ability. By establishing 3D printing experience centers, Shining3D provides students and teachers with a practical platform for proving their innovative concepts.

Student Automotive Rally Team

The HAN Automotive Rally Team (HART) is a student rally team that competes in the Dutch Shortrally Championship. The team can be found on the Dutch rally roads for 25 years. The HART consists solely of students, studying at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN).

MakerPoint 3D Scanning Expert Luca Sabbatini scans the rally car so that HART can use the 3D model as a tool to improve the car's streamline. This will allow them to drive even faster.