Raise3D E2

Precise, Reliable and affordable

IDEX (Independent Dual Extruders)

Mirror Mode

Produce 3D models and their inverse simultaneously, increasing productivity and reducing print time.

Dual Prints Simultaneously

Duplication Mode

Use both extruders in synchronized printing, doubling production capabilities.

Auto Bed Leveling

Confirms that the printing platform is level whenever preparing to print. ABL maintains the distance between the print nozzles and bed, creating a uniform build area. Improves bed adhesion and print quality by allowing the extruder to adjust to even minor surface contour changes.

Industry First Video-Assisted Offset Calibration

System Guides users through a simple, video-assisted process for verifying that the E2 is geometrically aligned. After completing the Offset Calibration Guide, the E2 can be used worry-free, with properly aligned extruders.

Large build volume

Up to
330×240×240 mm
  • Large build volume for bigger prints
  • More options for designs

Safety Features

Opening a door is detected automatically, immediately pausing the print and keeping users safe.
Power Saving Button
Turn off the RaiseTouch and LED lights to save energy and print throughout the night.

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