Infinite AquaSys®

Expand your 3D printing capabilities
with water-soluble support.

Currently available in two grades, AquaSys® is the only line of water-soluble support filaments
compatible with engineering-grade build materials—from ABS to PEEK.

Design, print, and move on— with AquaSys water-soluble 3D printer support filaments.

The AquaSys® family of products offers users a lot to improve the 3D printing process. Fast dissolution speeds. Universal adhesion. Stability at high temperatures. But the most important thing you’ll get when you print with AquaSys? Simplicity.

Print a complex 3D object, using engineering thermoplastics—including PEEK and PEKK—then move on to your next project as AquaSys rapidly dissolves. It’s that simple.

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Get the facts about AquaSys.

Download the data sheets. Facts. Figures. Critical data and safety recommendations. Find it all in the Technical and Safety Data Sheets (TDS & SDS) for AquaSys® 120 and AquaSys® 180.