miniFactory Aarni – Process Monitoring System is the top layer in our high-performance polymer 3D printing ecosystem. Connect Aarni to your Ultra 3D Printer to have industry level quality control, for your 3D printed parts. To certify your printed parts, you need the precise information that Aarni provides. This line-by-line and layer-by-layer inspection of the printed part ensures that process has been completed as desired. 


Process monitoring is playing a key role in many different manufacturing technologies, where the parts are made for demanding applications. It is the most important part of the process when it comes to fulfilling the suppliers required quality assurance. It provides the verification to the quality of the process and creates reliability to the manufactured parts. When the quality of the parts can be ensured with the process monitoring, the product has certain properties that are known and can be trusted.

Aarni – Process Monitoring System is a pioneer in the field of FFF manufacturing. Monitoring is done by collecting data from multiple points with precise sensors designed for industrial use. Data is saved automatically every second. Therefore, Aarni observes the whole printing process. After the print is completed, you have access to the 3D visualization with the intuitive and easy to use software installed on your computer. The software visualizes the print line-by-line and layer-by-layer.

For the first time in FFF you can see inside your printed part and get the information which was previously unavailable. Aarni knows the optimal printing process and sets up the limits automatically for each material. With the visualization that Aarni provides you can be confident about your 3D printed parts. Aarni monitors the process for you.
  • Aarni is a cutting-edge system that collects data from the Ultra 3D printer and visualizes it in the computer software 
  • Aarni collects data with precise sensors every second during the print to ensure the printing process 
  • Aarni visualizes the collected data with a 3D model and paragraphs, which makes understanding of the data easy


Traditionally part manufacturing from high performing polymers is done by using injection moulding. This method is trusted by industries all around the world because it can be verified with precise process monitoring. 3D printing is an alternative manufacturing method with its own design guidelines and limitations. Therefore, 3D printing requires its own process monitoring system to make it trusted manufacturing method.

Aarni – Process Monitoring System brings the same llevel of quallity control to FFF technology. In FFF, monitoring is even more crucial since the adhesion between layers finally determine the mechanical properties of the printed part. The durability of the part or errors during the print cannot be known just by observing the part. The only way to know the true features of the part is to use process monitoring system.

Our main target is to make FFF printing trusted manufacturing method which can be used in most demanding industries and applications. Even the parts 3D printed with world’s highest performing polymers are not durable if the process is not controlled. For us, it is important that you can trust on 3D printed parts.

Did you know that visually similar parts have different mechanical properties if they have been printed with different temperatures?
  • Aarni creates the trust on your 3D printed parts 
  • Ensure you will get the best out of each material 
  • Be innovative and get your additive manufacturing to the next level


The possibility to see inside the printed parts with our cutting-edge monitoring system enables the certification to printed parts. The certification does not only give the aspect of trust, but it also enhances the image of professional part manufacturing. The value of certified parts can provide completely new business opportunities.

With Aarni you can create a document that highlight the whole printing process. This document has the same intuitive visualization done with 3D model and paragraphs. You can easily store this document, so you have a certificate of each printed part. This document is also easily printable if you want to have a handout with the printed part. With the document you will continue the full traceability of the raw material to the printed part.

Would you use a printed part in a demanding application without knowing the part history?
  • Aarni certifies your printed parts 
  • Have the full traceability in your printed parts 
  • Certificates can be easily stored and printed out


When using high-performance polymers in 3D printing, the pre-drying of the filament is important for the printing quality and consistency. To maintain this optimal condition of the filament, we have included our new Heated Filament Chamber to the package of Aarni. With the capability to store the filaments up to 120°C temperature and monitor the moisture level, you will always have optimal conditions for printing. Heated Filament Chamber ensures excellent print quality. Visual appearance of the printer is maintained since it is integrated to the printer.

With the consistent state of the filament you will prevent unexpected behaviour in printing process. When the conditions of the filament are stable the reliability of the printing is maintained even with extremely long prints.

Heated Filament Chamber maintains the filament in optimal condition. This makes continuous workflow possible without the need of pre-drying in between the prints.
  • Heated Filament Chamber keeps the condition of filament optimal
  • Temperature controlled up to 120°C with moisture monitoring
  • Aarni collects data about the Heated Filament Chamber conditions