High-Accuracy 3D Printing Materials for Dental Labs and Practices

Bring production in-house or improve existing workflows with industry-leading Formlabs 3D printers. Our Dental Resins empower dental labs and practices to rapidly manufacture biocompatible surgical guides, splints, fixed patterns and models, clear aligner models, and full dentures.

Model Resin is ideal for:

  • Crown and bridge models 
  • Clear aligner models 
  • Orthodontic models
  • Diagnostic models 
  • Implant models

Model Resin

An accurate material for dental modelmaking and clear aligner production

Model Resin was developed specifically to meet the high precision, accuracy, and throughput requirements of dental professionals. Print removable dies with crisp margins and contacts within ±35 microns.

Dental models for fixed prosthetics with full build platform printed in Model Resin.

Draft Resin

A cutting-edge material designed to print accurate orthodontic models – fast Draft Resin is our fastest printing material, capable of printing a dental model in under 20 minutes. This highly accurate resin prints with a smooth surface finish, making Draft Resin the ideal material for aligner and retainer production. Use 200 micron settings for fastest print speeds and same day appliances, or use 100 micron settings for more detailed models.

Draft Resin is ideal for:

  • Thermoforming models 
  • Orthodontic appliance models 
  • Diagnostic models 
  • Crown and bridge models

Surgical Guide Resin is ideal for:

  • Surgical guides 
  • Pilot drill guides 
  • Drilling templates 
  • Device sizing templates

Surgical Guide Resin

A next generation 3D printing material for premium-quality surgical implant guides Surgical Guide Resin is an autoclavable, biocompatible resin for applications including 3D printing dental surgical guides for implant placement. Developed specifically for Formlabs printers and rigorously tested with autoclaves, solvents, and implant systems, this material was designed from the ground up to exceed dental demands in part quality, accuracy, and performance.

Dental LT Clear Resin

A long-term clear biocompatible material for splints and occlusal guards Manufacture affordable, high-quality occlusal splints in-house with Dental LT Clear Resin. A Class IIa long-term biocompatible resin with high resistance to fracture, this clear material polishes to high optical transparency for a finished appliance you’ll be proud to deliver.

Finished occlusal splint printed in Dental LT Clear Resin, on diagnostic model printed in Grey Resin.

Dental LT Clear Resin is ideal for:

  • Splints 
  • Occlusal guards

Custom Tray Resin is ideal for:

  • Custom Impression Trays

Custom Tray Resin

A fast-printing biocompatible material for custom impression trays Use Custom Tray Resin to directly print impression trays for implants, dentures, crowns and bridges, and other comprehensive cases. Digitally manufactured impression trays provide consistent, accurate impressions for high-quality dentistry. Custom Tray Resin prints full impression trays quickly using 200 micron layer heights, reducing labor time and enabling higher throughput.

Finished custom impression tray printed in Custom Tray Resin, on diagnostic model printed in Model Resin.

Permanent Crown Resin

A tooth-colored, ceramic-filled resin for 3D printing permanent single crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers Permanent Crown Resin produces high strength, long term restorations with an accurate and precise fit, available in four VITA Classical* shades. Low water absorption and a smooth finish ensure restorations made from Permanent Crown Resin have a low tendency to age, discolor, or accumulate plaque.

*VITA Classical is a registered trademark of a company not affiliated with Formlabs Inc.
Finished and unfinished single unit restorations printed in Permanent Crown Resin on model printed in Model Resin.

Permanent Crown Resin is ideal for:

  • Single crowns 
  • Inlays 
  • Onlays 
  • Veneers

IBT Resin is ideal for:

  • Indirect bonding trays 
  • Orthodontic bracket placement

IBT Resin

A flexible biocompatible material for efficient, accurate dental bracket placement

3D printed indirect bonding trays reduce chair time and increase patient comfort by placing all of the brackets at once. Class I compliant IBT Resin offers optimized tear strength, translucency, and flexibility, for appliances that are easy to plan, easy to use, and easy to remove.

Digitally planned transfer trays can be directly printed in IBT Resin to place brackets in advance, cutting both preparation and patient chair time in half.

Soft Tissue Starter Pack

Expand your digital capabilities with 3D printed gingiva masks and implant models

Create flexible gingiva masks for use in combination with rigid dental models. Confidently check implant prosthetics by adding removable soft tissue components to your model production. Use the Soft Tissue Starter Pack to create your own Soft Tissue Resin in customizable dark, medium, and light pink shades.
The Soft Tissue Starter Pack includes Flexible 80A Resin as a flexible base, as well as three Color Pigments in Magenta, Yellow, and White.

Soft Tissue Starter Pack is ideal for:

  • Soft tissue for implant models 
  • Gingiva masks

Castable Wax Resin is ideal for:

  • Casting copings and substructures 
  • Pressing and casting full contour crowns 
  • Casting removable partial denture frameworks

Castable Wax

Resin A highly accurate material for casting and pressing crowns, bridges, and RPDs

Tested at length by dental technicians, Castable Wax Resin provides accurate, sealed margins and contains 20% wax for reliable casting with clean burnout. Printed patterns are strong enough to handle with no post-cure required, allowing for a faster, simpler workflow.

Full contour three-unit anterior bridge and crown patterns printed in Castable Wax Resin, on removable die model printed in Dental Model Resin.

Digital Dentures

Truly accessible direct printed dental prosthetics

Bring your removables department digital now. Formlabs is expanding access to digital dentures with an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing solution. Class II long-term biocompatible Digital Denture Resins enable dental professionals to produce 3D printed full dentures accurately and reliably.

  • Use Denture Base Resin for denture bases and try-ins
  • Use Denture Teeth Resin for denture teeth

Digital Dentures Resin is ideal for:

  • Final dentures
  • Try-in dentures

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