1 Account
1.1 How do I create an account?

You can create an account by clicking: Create an account.

If you select "business" under Customer Type, you can fill in your Chamber of Commerce- and VAT number.

Once you filled in all required fields click Register and your account is created.

1.2 How do I change my personal details?

If you are logged in you can change your personal details by clicking My Account at the top of your screen. The account-dashboard will appear, here you can change your password, billing address, delivery address and change your subscription to our newsletter. 



1.3 I get the notification "Invalid username or password"

You are not yet familiar with our system or you've entered a wrong password.

If you not yet have an account click Create an account. If you already have an account re-enter your password or click Forgot your password?.

Still having trouble logging in? Please Contact us. 
We're happy to help.

1.4 I forgot the e-mail address I used for my account. What should I do?

If you forgot the e-mail adress of your account, please send us an e-mail with the name and address data you used for your account.

We will then try to find the corresponding e-mail address. 

2 Returns
2.1 What are the conditions for returning a product?
  • At MakerPoint, customer satisfaction is paramount and we make every effort to execute your order as well as possible. If you want to cancel your purchase, you can do so within 14 days after purchase. This is the so-called "cooling period". This period starts on the day after the package has been received by or on behalf of you.
  • Products must therefore be unopened in original packaging and undamaged.

For a quick and correct handling, it is important that you first return the item via the 'My Order' link in your account.

2.2 How can I return a product?

You can return your item within 14 days after purchase as follows:

Step 1. Log in to your account and click "My Account" at the top of your screen, then click "My orders".

Step 2. Click "View" next to the order line of which you want to return items from.

Step 3. Click "Return items".

Step 4. Indicate how many of the chosen item you want to return.

Step 5. Indicate the reason for your return request.

Step 6. Indicate how you want to return the item.

Step 7. Click "Send" to submit the return request.

Further procedure:

  • After submitting the application, it will be handled by us. You will be kept informed of the status of the application via email. Please do not send an article before you have received the approval email from us.
  • The products need to be unopened, in original packaging and undamaged.
  • If a package is damaged, MakerPoint can choose to partly compensate the product.
  • Schrijf geen teksten en plak geen stickers of plakband op de originele verpakking.
  • Do not write any text and do not stick stickers or tape on the original packaging.
  • The return shipment must be sent to us with sufficient postage.
  • The consumer bears the risk for a return shipment. We therefore advise you to send the package by registered post and to keep the proof of delivery, so that you can claim a possible loss from your carrier.
  • A refund will be processed as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days.
  • When the complete order is returned, we credit the original invoice.


3 Payment
3.1 How do I pay for my order?

You can pay for your order in one of the following ways:

  • Via Mollie: iDeal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, BankContact & MisterCash
  • Via PayPal: PayPal, VisaCard, MasterCard
  • Via prepayment by bank
  • With PIN when picking up at the store (No Mastercard, Visa and Amex)
4 Warranty
4.1 What warranty do I get on my purchases?

The legal warranty applies to all items that you purchase from us. This means that an article must be in good condition and must function properly with normal use. If you receive an item where this is not the case, we will provide a suitable solution as soon as possible. Depending on the item, we do this by replacement, repair or refund.

In addition to the statutory warranty, the manufacturer's warranty applies to certain items. A manufacturer's warranty is an extra warranty given by the importer or manufacturer. The manufacturer or importer can set conditions for this warranty. More information about the manufacturer's warranty can be found in the documentation of the product.

4.2 How do I know the term of the factory warranty for my item?

The period of the manufacturer's warranty can be found in the manufacturer's documentation which is supplied.

5 Delivery
5.1 What are the shipping costs?

Our shipping costs in Euro (including VAT) are:

Country Shipping costs
Belgium 8,95 (free for orders over € 100)
Bulgaria 35,95
Denmark 18,95
Germany 12,50 (free for orders over € 100)
Estonia 35,95
Finland 29,95
France 24,95
Greece 43,95
Great Britain 23,95
Hungary 35,95
Ireland 35,95
Italy 24,95
Croatia 35,95
Latvia 35,95
Lithuania 35,95
Luxembourg 9,95 (free for orders over € 100)
The Netherlands 6,95 (free for orders over € 100)
Norway 30,95
Austria 18,95
Poland 35,95
Portugal 39,95
Romania 35,95
Slovenia 35,95
Slovakia 35,95
Spain 27,95
Czech Republic 35,95
Sweden 30,95
Switzerland 18,95
5.2 What is the status of my order?

Information about the status of your order can be found in addition to the shipping confirmation sent to your e-mail address, also in your account. When you log into your account and click on 'My orders', you will find an overview of your recent orders.

5.3 What are the delivery times of MakerPoint?

An indicative delivery time is indicated for all items we sell. We have most items in stock and are immediately available. If you order immediately deliverable items on a working day before 6:00 PM, you will have them delivered with a delivery address in the Benelux within two days. When you place an order during the weekend it will be delivered on Tuesday. 

For the products that are not directly in stock, different delivery times apply. These delivery times can be found next to the concerning product. 

The delivery times to addresses outside the Benelux can be found below. This is still dependent on the availability of the product. 

Country Delivery time
Bulgaria 4 working days
Denmark 2 working days
Germany 1/2 working days
Estonia 3 working days
Finland 3/4 working days
France 2/4 working days
Greece 4/5 working days
Great Britain 2/4 working days
Hungary 3 working days
Ireland 2 working days
Italy 4/5 working days
Croatia 4 working days
Latvia 4 working days
Lithuania 4 working days
Norway 3/4 working days
Austria 2 working days
Poland 2 working days
Portugal 3 working days
Romania 3 working days
Slovenia 3 working days
Slowakije 3 working days
Spain 2/3 working days
Czech Republic 2 working days
Sweden 2/3 working days
Switzerland 2 working days
6 Orders
6.1 Is a product in stock?

The information page of a product always indicates whether a product is in stock. This also indicates the expected delivery time of a product. If you have any questions or want to be certain of the delivery time, please give us a call.

6.2 Placing an order

To place an order at MakerPoint you need an account. You can choose to order directly and create an account during the ordering process. Then follow the steps as indicated on your screen. You can use this account for future orders.

You can also choose to create an account first. To create an account, click Create an account in the top right corner of your screen. Now you can enter your details. Once you are successfully logged in, you can place an order.

How to place an order is described below.

Step 1. Click on 'Add to cart' on the desired product. 

Shopping cart

Here you can see what is in your shopping cart. If you want to complete the order at a later date, you can put the items from your shopping cart on your wish list.

Step 2. Click on 'Finish order' (or 'Continue shopping' if you want to order more items). You can also directly pay the order with the Fast Checkout options from PayPal or MultiSafepay.

Step 3. Check the details of your order and click 'Next step'.

Address data

You can choose the billing address and delivery address of the order here.

If you create a business account, the delivery address must be known to the Chamber of Commerce.

Step 4. Choose your shipping method and click 'Next Step'.

Shipping method

When you order multiple items at once, we do our best to have all items delivered to you at once. In that case, the delivery time for your entire order will be the same as that of the item with the longest delivery time. This is not possible if the delivery time between the different items is too great.

Step 5. Choose your payment method and click 'Next Step'.

Step 6. Finalize your order by clicking 'Place Order'.





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