BRM Fiber Lasers

The BRM Fiberlaser is a machine that is completely different from the other 3 product groups regarding technology. Where other models use a CO2 laser tube, the Fiber features a special Raycus laser source.

In short, the fiber is very suited for quickly engraving data or images onto metals and plastics without any preprocessing. This is a huge benefit especially with regards to the first-mentioned product group, the CO2 lasers, which need a spray for a visible adjustment. Jewels, drills or nameplates are excellent applications of the Fiber.

However, when choosing a Fiber, working surface is limited. The standard size is 170x170mm. Bigger working surfaces can optionally be ordered in advance. Lastly, the Fibers differ in power. The different options in our standard assortment are listed below:

Typen Fiberlasers

BRM Fiberlaser 20 Watt

€ 17.950,- excl. BTW

BRM Fiberlaser 30 Watt € 19.950,- excl. BTW Details


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