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Kapton Sticker 270x300mm (Felix)
€4,88 Excl. tax
Filament dust cleaners prevent any dust that's stuck on the filament to be taken into the print head. The dust cleaners are placed into the filament guide on the side of a FELIX 3D printer.
€7,00 Excl. tax
To guide the filament from it's roll to the printerhead, teflon tubes are used. Benefits of using teflon tubes is that it also prevents the filament from catching dust during transportation.
€2,75 Excl. tax
Pro 2 - Hot-End
€95,00 Excl. tax
Get an extra bed to be able to start your second print directly after your first print finished. Just remove the bed from the printer and place a clean one.
€70,00 Excl. tax
Pro 1 - Hot-end
€95,00 Excl. tax
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