miniFactory Ultra - The 3D printer for high-performance polymers


miniFactory Ultra – The most cost-efficient and versatile industrial 3D printer for ULTEM®, PEKK, PPSU, PA-CARBON, PEEK, and other ultra polymers.
miniFactory Ultra

Ultimate strength and quality with 250°C heated chamber

Master the heat and take advantage of high-performance polymers. miniFactory Ultra’s heated chamber allows great layer adhesion, high mechanical strength, low mechanical stress, and low warping compared to objects printed with chamber temperature below polymers Tg.

miniFactory Ultra

AARNI – Process Monitoring System

miniFactory Aarni – Process Monitoring System is the top layer in our high-performance polymer 3D printing ecosystem. Connect Aarni to your Ultra 3D Printer to have industry level quality control, for your 3D printed parts. To certify your printed parts, you need the precise information that Aarni provides. This line-by-line and layer-by-layer inspection of the printed part ensures that process has been completed as desired.
miniFactory Ultra

Heated Filament Chamber

When using high-performance polymers in 3D printing, the pre-drying of the filament is important for the printing quality and consistency. To maintain this optimal condition of the filament, we have created the Heated Filament Chamber. With the capability to store the filaments up to 120°C temperature and monitor the moisture level, you will always have optimal conditions for printing. Heated Filament Chamber ensures excellent print quality. Visual appearance of the printer is maintained since it is integrated to the printer.
miniFactory Ultra

Perfected Mechanics

Presicion and stability with high-end servo motors, ball screws and linear guides ensure large, dimensionally accurate and precisely repeatable prints. Mechanical geometry tolerance 0,025mm/400mm..
miniFactory Ultra

Easy To Use

miniFactory Ultra’s easy-to-use touch screen guides you through the printing process step by step which makes controlling the printer a fluent experience. A large touch screen allows you to adjust and fine tune the printing process on the fly and smart filament monitoring detects possible defects and prevents misprints.
miniFactory Ultra

Automated and Integrated Post-processing

miniFactory Ultra’s post-processing features are activated straight from the touch screen, providing optimized annealing process to the selected material. The benefits of annealing process include the reduction or removal or residual stresses and strains, dimensional stabilization, reduction or elimination of defects, and improvement of physical properties.
miniFactory Ultra

Key features

  • Ultimate strength with heated chamber up to 250°C
  • Large print size with 330 x 180 x 180 mm build area
  • Versatility with ultra polymers like ULTEM, PEEK, PEKK, PPSY, PU
  • High nozzle temperature up to 470°C
  • Extreme printing quality with servo motors
  • Integrated annealing system for post-processing

Technical Data

  • Device measurements: 100 x 80 x 190 cm
  • Device weight: 320 kg
  • Power requirements: 400V/16A 3-PHASE
  • Certification: CE

Additional features

  • Fully automatic calibration – optimal first layer adhesion
  • Separable dual extruder – cleaner printing result & support material available
  • Large 7” touch screen – easy to operate
  • Vacuum table – easy & fast build platform change
  • Activated carbon filtering – considerably reduce the amount of emissions

For more information on the miniFactory Ultra contact one of the MakerPoint Digital Fabrication Centers.

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