BRM Portal Lasers

Just like closed CO2 lasers, Portal lasers are known for their precision, ease of use and expended capabilities. The difference with closed machines is the work area that Portal lasers provide. Where the biggest closed laser has a work area of 100 by 160 cm, whereas Portal lasers can go up to 150 x 300 cm.

The important question here is if you need the large work area. If so, the machines below may very well soot your needs. The machine name states the biggest work area. For example, the BRM 130250 has a work area of 130 by 250 cm. Laser power is based on market experience.

Below you can find the different types of Portal lasers available. For more information you can check the specific product page.

Typen Portaal lasers

BRM 130250 vanaf € 15.950,- excl. BTW Details
BRM 150300 vanaf € 19.950,- excl. BTW Details


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