BRM Metal Lasers

Because the BRM Metal Lasers are based on the same laser technology as the CO2 lasers they are suited to be used with a wide variety of different materials. In this regard they are similar to the normal CO2 lasers.

However, by adding oxygen and a special laser head the Metal Lasers are able to cut through up to 1,2 mm of steel. This is what sets them apart from the ordinary CO2 lasers.

BRM Metal Lasers are available as closed lasers as well as Portal lasers. Depending on the desired work area the choice can be made for a closed or portal machine.

Below you can find the different types of Metal lasers available. For more information you can check the specific product page.

Typen Metaal lasers

BRM 90130-x € 19.500,- excl. BTW Details
BRM 130250-x BRM 130250-x € 27.500,- excl. BTW Details


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