BRM Fiberlaser 20 Watt

BRM Fiberlasers have a long live expectancy, high accuracy and are energy efficient. Fiberlasers are often used at al larger scale for materials with high requirements like mobile phones, jewellery and watches. Besides that Fibers lasers are very well suited to engrave photographs on metal or plastic. They can do this at speeds that are 3 to 12 times faster that first generation CO2 lasers. This means a low cost per mark.

Fiberlasers are easy to use and have a very low gross power usage of less than 500 watts. That is just 1/10th of the power usage of a normal YAG Laser.

The machines are very low on maintenance, have a long life expectancy and high marking time makes what makes them very suitable for every work environment.

Software natively supports files form Corldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop and PLY like PCX, DXF, BMP, SHX, and TTF. The software also has an automatic count function for making series, batch numbers, QR codes and barcodes.


€ 17.950,- excl. BTW

Specifications BRM Fiberlaser 20 Watt

  • 20W power
  • 170x170 Werk area
  • Automatic door
  • Integrated Windows pc
Detail photos Fiberlaser

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