BRM CO2 Lasers

C02 lasers are known for their versatility, precision and ease of use. This makes them a great addition in a lot of situations. But how do you choose the right CO2 laser?

The choice is mostly dictated by material type, size and thickness. The machine name states the biggest work area. For example, the BRM 90130 has a work area of 90 by 130 cm. Laser power is based on market experience.

Below you can find the different types of CO2 lasers available. For more information you can check the specific product page.

Typen CO2 lasers

BRM 3040 Desktop  € 4.950,- excl. BTW Details
BRM 4060 € 8.500,- excl. BTW Details
BRM 6090 € 9.750,- excl. BTW Details
BRM 90130 from € 10.750,- excl. BTW Details
BRM 130160 from € 11.750,- excl. BTW Details
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