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The Formlabs Form 2, the most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created. The Form 2 is setting a new standard for professional grade desktop 3D printing.
€3.304,96 exkl. MwSt.
3D Print Surface
€7,85 exkl. MwSt.
In stock!_The Ultimaker 3 is the most reliable dual extrusion 3D printer available. Achieve complex designs and improved 3D print performance, thanks to its unique auto-nozzle lifting system, professional build and support materials, and swapp...
€2.995,00 exkl. MwSt.
Structure Sensor. Capture the World in 3D, 3D Scanning. Augmented Reality. Instant Measurements. PLEASE NOTE: the is the sensor only excl. the bracket to attach it to an iPad
€360,74 exkl. MwSt.
Protect your special and big prints from warping and other external factors with this Ultimaker Cover. This DIY-kit offers the possibility to upgrade the quality of your Ultimaker prints even more.
€299,00 exkl. MwSt.
Based on the award winning Ultimaker 2 and with new innovations the Ultimaker 2+ is Ultimakers new first class 3D printer.
€1.895,00 exkl. MwSt.
Filament Dryer for 3D Printing
€99,00 exkl. MwSt.
The Ultimaker 2 Go is the smaller version of the popular Ultimaker 2. Thanks to its compactness and reliability it is the perfect printer for on the Go!
€1.195,00 exkl. MwSt.
Simplify3D's professional 3D printing software streamlines the process of 3D printing, empowering you to achieve higher quality results with your 3D printer.
€140,45 exkl. MwSt.
Hackable without limits, Ultimaker's original DIY 3D printer kit gives you endless freedom to experiment and enjoy reliable, accurate and consistent results.
€995,00 exkl. MwSt.
Sensor Bundle Dark Gray
€536,36 exkl. MwSt.
1 pcs HardCore replacement of up to 8 original Print Cores: Nozzles from 0.10mm up to 1.2mm. Every nozzle can now be easily replaced!
€156,20 exkl. MwSt.
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