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All the bits for all the kits.  Power Packs combine all your favourite E3D extrusion delights into one ultimate, volcanic package.

Can't choose between nozzles?  Want to print fast and BIG, but incredible detail as well?  The Power Pack makes your life easy, with no need to compromise.

What's in the box?

  • V6 Hotend Full Kit - including all electronics and your specification of 12/24v, 1.75mm/3mm and Direct or Bowden.
    • All the V6 nozzles including .25mm, .30mm, .35mm, .40mm, .60mm, .80mm
  • Volcano Eruption Pack - including its own set of electronics for easy change-over. No fiddling about swapping thermistors over.
    • All standard Volcano Nozzles including .60mm, .80mm, 1.0mm and the super-sized 1.2mm
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