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3D HotEnds (v6, lite6, Chimera and Kraken) use the same standard nozzle format that can be easily changed out in order to tune the printing speed and resolution to best fit your needs. In our latest v6 nozzles, the range of nozzle diameters each have tailored internal and external geometry to match the flow rates and track width associated with each size. Whether you need to crank out massive parts in a hurry, or print with the finest resolution and detail we’ve got you covered.

Nozzle Size1.75mm3.00mmApplicationID Dots*
0.25mm  12,50  12,50 High Precision - Slower Prints 0
0.40mm  9,00  9,00 Balanced Nozzle - Supplied by Default 3
0.50mm  9,00  9,00   6
0.60mm  9,00  9,00   4
0.80mm  9,00  9,00 Lower Precision - High Speed 5

* Dots are machined onto the hex-flats of the nozzles for easy identification.
*compatible with many other brands of hot end.

*spare nozzles for the Prusa i3 mk2 3D printer

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